SOE – Gold Congress

Gold Congress: This congress attracts the most participants every year. Our group got the possibility to organise the international biannual congress of the European … in 1997. 4500 persons took part in the event with Prof. Dr. Ildikó Süveges presidency in the former Budapest Sportcsarnok. The event was rewarded with the Gold Congress award.


Our regular clients – Decades of common past

Our group and several well-known medical associations playing important and active roles in professional life can take pride in decennial common work. The events being successful both from a professional and an association aspect take out positive and favorable feedbacks from the Hungarian and the international participants as well. We are lucky to have been working with the companies above:


UEMO – Protocol and diplomacy organisations

The presidency and secretaryship of the European Union of Gerneral Practicioners (UEMO) is managed by Hungary in the 2011-2014 period with the heading of president Prof. Dr. Ferenc Hajnal. The most important organisation of the European Federation , the General Assembly’s session twice a year (in spring and in autumn) and the protocol events related are organised by our group.


Chinese-Hungarian Medical Contacts, Diplomacy

The up to par preparation and the transaction of the Association of the Hungarian Medical Societies  have been actively supported and assured by or group for several years. In terms of the bilateral relationships we were successful organisers of the first Chinese-Hugarian Medical Conference in 2007. We played an important role in organising the protocol travels and meetings, and working up the biennial plan determining the work of the relationship havig been existing for almost 10 years.


Hypertension Summerschool

In September 2005, the figures of the medical sector had the possibility to have a real incentive experience per procuration of the European Society of Hypertension. Two young outstanding hypertonologists from each countries of the region were invited to the one week long event in Visegrád. The professional standards of the event were assured by the presentations of the important figures of Hypertension (Narkiewicz, Erdine, Civkova) and social programs like renaissance dinner in Esztergom, or palace games in Visegrád.


EUNOS – First Update Meeting – Pioneer Event

The First Update Meeting of the European Neuro- Ophthalmology Association was organised in 14-15th April 2012. The aim of the event of the days was to expound the most important, professional information, explorer methods and therapy alternatives. An event like this was organised by the European Society having biannual conferences  with 350 participants on average. The First Update Meeting with its 220 participants was regarded as a big success, establishing the tradition of the Update Meetings.