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Assembling proposal and presentation

  • Compiling, executing and submitting a tender dossier
  • Collection of advertising and information materials
  • Presentation at a committee meeting

Planning, Consulting, Location Search, Appointing, Booking

  • Setting up schedules and timelines, identify assignments
  • The organizers consideration and keeping in mind of the aim of the event, throughout the whole process of planning, coordination, and management of logistical tasks
  • Recommending the most suitable locations according to the needs of the event
  • Providing Plenary and Section Rooms
  • Exhibition area, parking
  • Catering, cloakroom, registration, design of other service rooms and areas
  • Provide appropriate furniture and other equipment for the event
  • In agreement with the organizers, the agreement with the selected service providers
  • Site Management
  • Providing and supervising technical conditions, catering, interpreting and other location-related services
  • Provide professional congress staff during preparation and delivery

Design, printing, mailing

  • Logos and image design
  • Designing, compiling, printing and distributing publications (emails, posters, program books, abstract volumes, proceedings, tickets, invitations)
  • continuous updating and developing of the website of the event
  • Creating and managing address lists
  • Designing and executing participants' congressional materials (printed and electronic materials, bags, name tags, gifts)


  • Innovating and operating individually the congressional websites, online registration and abstract management surfaces customized to needs and trends
  • E-Poster
  • voting systems for verity of purposes
  • personalized telephone applications

Management of scientific programs, abstracts and lectures

  • Creating and managing an online abstract management interface based on organizers' needs (structural and formal requirements for abstracts, keywords, themes, etc.)
  • Send abstract submission reminders to the given submission criteria
  • Judges have access to the excerpts of the lectures
  • Possibility of reviewing anonymously and other ways of committee members via Internet
  • Supporting the evaluation process by making a list of criteria
  • Information sending to the lecturers (length of lecture, poster parameters)
  • Sending out the invitation to all invited lectures, organizing the transportation or payment of
  • Disclosure of performers, submission of abstract acknowledgments, invitation of meeting presidents
  • Send general information to presenters (length of performances, poster parameters, etc.)
  • Create and send invitations to invited speakers, organize their travel or refund their travel expenses
  • Organizing and executing abstracts in abstract volumes
  • Finalization of the scientific program

Individual and Group registration

  • Online and paper-based registration
  • Processing of applications, computerized records
  • Creating lists and statistics
  • Sending confirmation
  • Correspondence, continuous contact with the participants
  • Treatment of property claims
  • Registering applications for corporate and accompanying programs
  • Eating habits, dietary registration
  • Financial transaction management, billing, collection (credit card and traditional payment methods)
  • Personalized compilation of conference material
  • Group registration, reservation and management of rooms, group billing

Hotel services

  • Individual and group reservation in various categories of accommodation (indirect or direct electronic means)
  • Handling special needs
  • Continuous contacts with participants, hotels, and confirmation of your stay
  • Creating list of accommodations
  • Collection of hotel receipts and final invoices

Group Programs

  • Venue reservation
  • Equipment of the venue, creative, decorative
  • Organization of meals
  • Provide lighting and sound technology
  • Organizing cultural, musical and entertaining programs
  • Scripting
  • Contracting hosts and hostesses
  • Arrangement for transfer

Optional Programs

  • Personalized cultural, musical, sports, etc. programs, sightseeing, historical and tourist excursions, tours (age, interest, culture, other aspects)
  • Contracting of tour guides
  • Provision of transfer
  • Organization of meals
  • Reservation and co-ordination on request

Services related to participant

  • Providing on-line and paper-based applications, sending acknowledgments
  • Receiving participation fess and other service fees on the bank account dedicated to the congress, secure online payment option, sending payment reminders
  • Keep in touch with the participants, registering them, meet individual needs, handle their booking, issue invoices
  • Provide special conference rates
  • Send invitation letters for visa administration

Exhibition, sponsorship

  • Compiling sponsorship packages in consultation with the organizer (symposia, advertisements, brochures, flyers, etc.)
  • Acquisition of Sponsors, Lists Received and Own Connections, Conclusion of Sponsorships and Exhibitors' Contracts
  • Full coordination of the conference advertising activity
  • Keep in touch with the supporters
  • Registering incoming needs
  • Planning of exhibitions for technical basics, floor plans, construction, demolition, rental of furniture, transportation, stand catering etc. relevant information
  • Designing and allocating exhibitor space, making exhibitors' maps
  • Taking into account individual wishes
  • Logistics organization
  • Billing, financial administration
  • Providing and coordinating sponsorship and exhibitions appearances for conferences and websites

On-site services - providing personal conditions

  • Equipment and supervision of conference and event rooms
  • Building, providing and supervising the necessary technique
  • Registration, allocation of conference materials
  • Experienced, professional staff at registration and during the event
  • On-site registration, cash/credit card payment
  • Providing help for VIP people and performers
  • Organization and coordination of airport and other transfers, provision of hostesses
  • Providing hospitality, interpretation and other related services
  • Exhibition construction / demolition supervision, exhibition operation, execution on request
  • Layout and layout of posters
  • Guarding participants, exhibitors, booths as well as the security company
  • Placement of control boards and information materials

Budget and financial management

  • Preparation and continuous updating of the detailed budget
  • Pre-financing of costs and risk sharing
  • Management of separate current accounts
  • Checking and collecting participation, accommodation and sponsorship fees
  • Fully managing applications
  • Collecting fees for grants and application
  • Accounting for financial principal owners, evaluators, statistics


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