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Meeting of Young Hypertonologists and Nephrologists - VI. MATHINÉ

Time of the congress: 2020.05.16 - 2020.05.16
Registration deadline: 2020.02.20 - 2020.05.10
Abstract deadline: 2020.02.20 - 2020.03.30
Dear Friends,
On behalf of the Hungarian Society of Hypertension and the Hungarian Society of Nephrology, we warmly invite all young collegues who are interested in the field of hypertension and nephrology to participate in the upcoming VI. MATHINÉ.

Our goal remains to create the opportunity to present clinical experiences and research results, improve discussion skills and practice academic English.

The purpose of MATHINÉ is to recognize and highlight young excellences, and to emphasize the importance and value of their work.
We wish you good preparation!
See you on the VI. Mathiné!
Orsolya Cseprekál MD Botond Csiky MD

President of Young Hypertonologist

Board, Hungarian Society of Hypertension

Department of Transplantation and

Surgery Semmelweis University

President of Young Nephrologist Board,

Hungarian Society of Nephrology

IInd Department of Medicine and

Nephrology Centre, University of Pécs


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